Supporting Student Transitions

Administrator Contact: Vince White, District Principal of Inclusive Education

Parent Consultant: Marta Carlucci

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Guiding Questions

  • How can we support student transitions in a manner that strengthens the home-school partnership?
  • What role can the home team and community service providers play in supporting student transitions?
  • How can work experience opportunities be designed to optimally support a complex learners’ transition to adult life?
  • What are the key foundational supports that can be provided in the classroom to assist with daily transitions?





  • To effectively and meaningfully support student transition.


Key Actions

  • Collect data from parents, school personnel and experts from the field on ways to better support student transition.
  • Divide this component into four areas of focus that include: Pre-K / Kindergarten transition, Grade 7/8 transition, Grade 12 / Adult Life transition, Supporting daily transition.
  • Schedule inservice with Learning Services Teachers, Work Experience Teachers, Work Experience Facilitators and Secondary Vice Principals to examine and revise practice with respect to work experience for students with complex needs
  • Further develop partnerships with community service providers to support student transition.
  • Schedule an annual event that brings together parents of incoming K students with complex needs, community service providers and school personnel to support the successful transition of students into the school district.
  • Meaningfully integrate this component with the work being done on: strengthening the home-school partnership, celebrating the unique me, designing quality educational plans, keeping complex learners safe, nurturing social-emotional development and mental health, and enhancing professional skillset.

Indicators of Progress

  • Collect pre and post data from parents and school personnel who are supporting a complex learner to determine if key actions have resulted in successful outcomes as they relate to supporting student transition.
  • Use this information to meaningfully inform key actions for further development of this component in the 2018/2019 academic year.

Education and Employment Access Program | Capilano University

Information evening for parents and/or students
Date: Thursday January 18, 2018
5:30 pm
Location: Capilano University, Birch 342
Birch is the main building with the cafeteria, bookstore and theatre Potential students and/or parents welcome to attend.

The Education and Employment Access program is designed for high school grads who may have barriers to success in education and employment. Capilano University courses focus on developing the skills and strategies necessary to be an independent learner in a university or employment setting.

Through assessment, classroom work and individualized support, students will explore career and education options, set goals and create a specific plan to achieve them. Classes emphasize skills such as practical communication, resume writing, interviewing skills and student success strategies. The second term includes a practicum in a sector of the student’s choice.

Requirements for acceptance in the program are reading and writing comprehension at a grade 4/5 level, independent self-management skills and motivation to achieve goals. Students with either the Dogwood or Evergreen certificate are encouraged to apply. High school transcripts are not required.

Please plan to come to this information session and learn more about this new program. If you feel you want to apply to the program before the session in January, please complete this PDF document and send in to Capilano University with a cheque for the $50 application fee. You will then be contacted by our department in the new year to arrange an intake interview.

Find Support BC
Find Support BC connects families of persons with disabilities with resources available to them.
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