Strengthening Home-School Partnerships

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Guiding Questions

  • Contemplating how home-school partnerships is foundational to each of the other 6 components.
  • How can a strong home-school partnership be established prior to a student entering kindergarten?
  • What role do community-service providers and home teams play in strengthening the home-school partnership?
  • Where is there potential for the home-school partnership to become strained?
  • How can school personnel and parents effectively work through situations in which the partnership is strained?


  • To work collaboratively with the North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council (NVPAC) and Learning Services to identify and provide resources that can advise parents and school personnel of how best to approach the home-school partnership.






Key Actions

  • Require that each of the seven core components maintain a concerted focus on strengthening the home-school partnership.
  • Collect data from parents, school personnel and experts from the field on what constitutes a strong-home school partnership.
  • Schedule inservice for school personnel and parents aimed at further developing this essential component.
  • Expand on current efforts to establish a strong home-school partnership at the earliest opportunity when new students are entering North Vancouver School District.
  • Schedule an annual event that brings together parents of incoming K students with complex needs, community service providers and school personnel to support the successful transition of students into the school district.
  • Engage in ongoing consultation with the NVPAC Chair & Vice Chair to receive input and feedback with respect to progress on this component.
  • Develop guidelines aimed at supporting situations in which the home-school partnership has become strained as a result of developments that have occurred in relation to supporting a student with complex needs.





Indicators of Progress

  • Collect pre and post data from parents and school personnel who are supporting a complex learner to determine if key actions have resulted in successful outcomes as they relate to supporting student transition.
  • Use this information to meaningfully inform key actions for further development of this component in the 2018/2019 academic year.





Family-School Partnerships

The Family-School Partnerships Framework supports parent engagement in education for improved student learning. For an example of what’s happening in Australia, please click here.